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Class 5P


Welcome to Class 5/6 WS!

Our class teachers are Miss Wilkinson & Mrs Smith.

This year, we are lucky enough to not only have two teachers but be in a mixed year group where new friendships can be formed.  

During the morning, for English, maths and spelling, Year 5 are taught by Mrs Smith while Year 6 are taught by Miss Wilkinson in separate classrooms (yes, we are lucky enough to have two classrooms too!).

During afternoons, children come together for art, music, RE and French. In all other subjects, children mix with the rest of their year group.

We are thrilled to have such a lively, lovely bunch and a classroom that is always filled with laughter. 5/6 WS is filled with children who work hard and aren’t afraid to give things a go! We certainly have a fun-filled year ahead!

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